Hands & Feet


This delivers a long lasting flawless finish that dries in seconds.

  • GELeration Gel overlay manicure


  • GELeration Gel overlay pedicure


  • GELeration removal. Please note that we do not remove acrylics, overlays or other brands of gel polish


  • GELeration removal when new set is applied


  • Swarovski Crystals

30p each

  • French Finish


Jessica Standard Manicure (45 mins)

A complete nail care system using the intensive range of Jessica products. Includes file, cuticle work, massage and polish.


Jessica de luxe Manicure (1 hour)

As above, but with the added luxury of heated mittens. This will aid penetration of the products. This treatment will benefit dry hands and cuticles.


  • French Manicure

extra £3.50

  • File and Polish Only


  • File and Polish Gel


Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure (1 hour)

A luxurious treatment for the feet. Treatment includes a foot spa, exfoliating scrub, nails clipped, cuticle work, foot and leg massage and polish.


Jessica Delux Zen Spa Pedicure (1 & 1/4 hours)

As above, but with the addition of heated booties to help the creams to penetrate. This would benefit those with dry, hard skin. Alternatively, a cooling mask can be applied if preferred.


Callus Peel

Softens hard calluses quickly. A blade-free, gentle treatment with instant results. Leaves your skin smooth and soft. (Please note that you may need more than one treatment depending on the amount of hard skin that has built up. You will also need to use homecare products to maintain the result).


Due to our high standards of hygiene, we regret we are unable to treat your hands or feet if you have any fungal or infectious disorders.

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